How Much Money Can You Make From a Rooftop Cell Site Lease?

Agreeing to a rooftop cell site lease can be an easy way to make a passive income. If you’re considering this option, you’re likely wondering just how much money you can make. Here’s what you can expect in terms of profit.

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The specifics of a rooftop cell site lease contract can vary depending on the cell company involved. While some may be a good deal, others can have undesirable terms and conditions. In order to ensure that you make the right decision in signing a contract, it’s important to work with a reputable lawyer.

It’s entirely possible for a cell tower to make you $3,500 a month with no effort on your part, but be aware that this will not always be the case. Some leases will enable you to make more money than others, and regardless of how much you end up earning, keep in mind that you’ll be giving up some of your property rights. That means that if you go against the terms of your contract, you can end up getting sued and losing more money than you make.

Rooftop cell site leases can be lucrative opportunities, but only if you sign a contract that works for your needs. Be sure to do adequate research and read the fine print.


Best Home Improvement Projects to Increase Your Homes Value

Your once-dated beautiful home may have been around for decades and is possibly now outdated, perhaps even jaded. You’ll likely start thinking about moving to a new house that’s modern and sophisticated in terms of technology. That’s all good, and perhaps a wise thing to do in particular situations. However, you can make the most out of your current home by taking on the best home improvement projects to increase your home’s value. Here’s a list of projects to consider.

1. Add a Fence

Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to increase the value of their homes. More often than not, they take on expensive projects to achieve this. However, some of the best home improvement projects to increase your home’s value don’t require you to break the bank. Something as simple as setting up a fence can have a great impact on the value of your home. There are different types of fencing you should consider depending on your home’s aesthetics. Consult with a fence company to get a professional opinion about the type of fence that’s ideal for your home. You may be thinking, ‘all this process just to set up a fence?’ Well, as much as it may not seem like a big deal, having the ‘wrong’ fence may lower the value of your home; it beats the purpose, right?

2. Take Care and Grow Your Trees

Picture waking up to a front or back yard that’s covered with trees and well-manicured lawns. Not only is this pleasing to the eye, but it also boosts the value of your home. Some trees are, by themselves, prized highly and hence would typically increase the value of your home. However, this doesn’t mean you have to use up all your money to buy these trees.

Studies show that healthy matured trees of any kind will equally increase the value of your home. If you want to get the best value for your home and need assistance in identifying what species of trees you need, you may want to hire cheap arborist services for that. One can, therefore, rightly state that planting trees around one’s home is among the best home improvement projects to increase your home’s value.

3. Redesign Your Backyard

A backyard offers a private area where you and your family can enjoy the outdoor space privately. A study by the University of Michigan concluded that backyards featuring updated landscaping increased the value of the home by 11%. This makes working on your backyard one of the best home improvement projects to increase your home’s value. For the best results, work with backyard landscape designers to transform your space and give it a boost. A few examples of how you could revamp your backyard include; transforming it into a kid’s play area, making it a space where you can host parties and entertain guests, setting up an outdoor kitchen, or installing an artificial waterfall. You are only limited by your creativity when taking on such a project.

4. Replace Your Roof

If you’re looking to sell your home, having a new roof will not only help you attract potential buyers, but it will also increase your bargaining power. Over time, the roofing of a house starts to wear and tear due to the different weather conditions it has had to endure. This wear and tear could leave the roof’s shingles and tiles cracked and faded, making your home look unattractive and jaded. This is a sign you should get in touch with your local roofing company to restore your home to its glory days. A new roof gives the impression of a well-maintained home, making this project among the best home improvement projects to increase your home’s value. The available roofing options include metal roofs, faux slate roofing shingles, asphalt roofing shingles, and solar tiles. Regardless of the roofing material you opt for, you are guaranteed an increase in the value of your home.

5. Consider a Remodel

A remodeling project can be classified as one of the best home improvement projects to increase your home’s value. Elizabeth Olcott, a top real estate agent based in California, agrees that a remodel increases the value of a home. She, however, cautions that one is not guaranteed to get all their money back should they later decide to sell the home. One could, however, still take on the project to improve the space they live in.

Since remodeling a home isn’t cheap, consider working in sections. For instance, you may want to start with the kitchen and bathroom. To ensure the remodel is done professionally, contact local kitchen and bath remodeling services. Examples of remodeling projects that could be undertaken in the kitchen and bathroom include; updating the tiles in both areas, revamping old cabinets, and switching to more dated, energy-effective, and efficient appliances.

6. Install a Deck

According to Ryan Fink, deck installation is ranked fourth among the best home improvement projects to increase a home’s value. If you want to increase the amount of space that’s usable in a home, contracting professionals for deck building services is one way to start. Regardless of how many there are, having a deck allows one to provide a sitting space where their guests lounge comfortably instead of them hovering all over the house due to limited space.

The fact that your home will instantly hold more people by having a deck also means its value will go up. During the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor living became a priority for most homeowners as people stayed away from public and workplaces. Therefore, the value of a home that offers people an opportunity to be outdoors, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the sunshine, can only go up. A deck’s value to a home mainly depends on the materials used to build it. For example, according to the 2021 Cost vs Value Report, to set up a wooden deck, you would need to invest about $16,766, which would recoup 68% of the amount invested, whereas a composite deck would cost $22,426 and recoup 63% of the value when the home is sold.

7. Renew Insulation

For a home to feel like a real home, comfort is key. A well-insulated home guarantees comfort throughout the year and consequently increases the value of a home. During the hot summers, added insulation means you will stay cool, but when the winter cold hits, insulation will keep your home warm. According to people who use home insulation, a well-insulated home is more comfortable to live in than one that isn’t. These testimonials are enough to make one start looking for insulation installation services. The comfort offered by new insulation makes this one of the best home improvement projects to increase your home’s value.

8. Add a Pool

Adding a pool is also one of the best home improvement projects to increase your home’s value. Although experts don’t agree on the exact value a pool adds to a home, they agree that there’s an undeniable increase in value. Before rushing to implement pool installs, consider the following factors affecting the impact of a pool in a home:

  • The climate of the Region: In the US, for example, some areas experience snow cover for up to six months consecutively. The value addition of a pool to a home in such a region is therefore not much compared to a home that’s located in a hotter climate area.
  • The Neighborhood: A potential buyer may lose interest in a property that doesn’t have a pool if having one is a standard feature in the neighborhood.
  • Buyer Specifications: The value of a home with a pool only increases when all potential buyers are keen to have a pool. If having a pool isn’t a priority, the value won’t increase by much.
  • Quality: Instead of increasing your home’s value, having a dirty pool will have the opposite effect. Therefore, your pool and its surrounding surroundings need to be well maintained to ensure it adds value to your home.

9. Install Solar panels

The energy savings you get to enjoy with solar panels make them among the best home improvement projects to increase your home’s value. According to the findings of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the value of a home goes up by $20 for every dollar saved through solar energy. You have a better chance of selling a home that has solar panels than one that doesn’t.

Solar panels, just like insulation, are among the energy-efficient upgrades that most buyers consider while scouting for a home. Buyers are always looking for a home that’s in line with their financial priorities, which often include managing the cost of energy in the long run. Luckily, a home with solar panels will actualize these buyer needs.

If your home doesn’t have solar panels, reach out to local solar companies near you to have them installed. While solar panel installation is a significant financial investment, it’s one of the best home improvement projects to increase your home’s value.

10. Install Sprinklers

It takes time and energy to have a well-maintained lawn. Therefore, anything that makes this process easier and less demanding adds value to your home. A sprinkler system may not directly increase the value of your home, but it ensures your landscaping is well maintained and that the plants and trees on your property stay alive. This improves the overall aesthetics of your home and consequently its value.

For the sprinkler system to effectively increase the value of your home, you’ll need to ensure the system is functioning optimally by replacing all broken or missing sprinkler heads, checking the water pressure, setting the timer in accordance to plant needs, and ensuring the sprinkler heads are angled correctly.

11. Remodel the Arctic or Basement

The attic or basement of your home doesn’t have to be dusty and full of storage boxes that no one uses. Whether it’s just for your personal home improvement needs or it’s a property you want to resell, there are various ways you can renovate these spaces to add value to your home. For example, consider making room for more living space.

A dark, scary room could be transformed into a bright welcoming space with just a few changes. You can choose to transform this space into a gaming area or create room for a bed or two. This means you’ll no longer have to worry about where your guests will sleep when they come over. If the purpose of the renovation was a resale, the extra living space would automatically increase the value of the home.

You could also consider getting additional bathrooms, as there’s no such thing as too many bathrooms. More bathrooms will increase the functionality of your home and if you decide to put your home up for sale, its market value will go up. To ensure your bathrooms are fully functional, you’ll need to get a professional plumber to help you with the renovations.

12. Build a Home Office

According to data from Global Workplace Analytics, the number of people working from home has increased by 159% since 2009. A home office was listed as the top priority for buyers by 60% of leading real estate professionals in a Fall 2021 HomeLight study.

If you live in an area with a sizable number of people telecommuting, investing in additional space for a home office or designating an existing room to serve as a home office is a wise investment. Statistics from HomeLight mid-2020 aver that a home office increases a property’s resale value by over $10,000. As more people become accustomed to working remotely, the value of properties featuring a home office will continue to appreciate.

Not all projects you take on will add value to your home. If you’re looking to sell, avoid customizing the renovations to your specific needs and instead appeal to all potential buyers. In most cases, potential buyers will have different tastes and preferences from yours. Think about them and their needs if they’re the object of your home improvement project.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Mobile Home Park

Are you thinking about investing in a mobile home park? Here are five tips to consider before making that purchase!

The most common mistake is overpaying for the mobile home park you are looking into. Be sure to do all your research on the value of the community before making a deal! Another thing to think about is how the market is currently doing in that area. You can take a bad mobile home park and make it great, given the right environment. A bad market, however, will make even the best-looking mobile home parks fail. This is because while you can improve the aesthetics of your park, you cannot change the surrounding areas, so it may be destined to crash and burn.

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Failing infrastructure should be uncovered when you are doing your research prior to purchase. Water and sewer systems should be examined immediately. This is because contaminated water could potentially poison your residents, causing you very serious legal trouble. Another risk to think about would be your budget. Leave room for unexpected repairs that might cost you thousands of dollars.

The fifth biggest risk to buying a mobile home park to consider is misunderstanding the actual value of what the park will be worth. The lot revenue is vastly different from the shell value of the homes, and using the wrong number for budgeting can cause a lot of issues down the road. Always keep these tips in the back of your mind when deciding on purchasing a mobile home park!


How a Garage Tech Can Make $400 in 10 Minutes

A home’s quality isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s all about safety. That’s why it’s reasonable to keep an eye on the security of the place. There’s a chance that your garage door will sustain damage at some point in its lifetime. That’s why you need garage door repair services. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Prevent too much cost

If you find out that there is a problem with your garage door, it gives you the chance to have it fixed right away before the damage gets worse.

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Minor repairs will save you more money since you can maintain it in good condition.

2. Prevents injuries

It’s on top of the list since garage doors may cause injuries if it’s neglected. There are recorded incidents because of malfunctioning garage doors. You should have it checked regularly by the garage door repair services.

3. Security

Garage doors indeed help strengthen your home’s security. You have to make sure it’s working and not faulty. That way, you will increase your home’s security and the safety of the people living in your home.

4. Vehicle safety

Garage doors don’t only help heighten your home’s security, but it also keeps the parking and car safe. It protects your vehicle and any other things in the garage from the sun’s heat or cold winter. That’s why you have to make sure it’s working.


Jobs That Pay Elevator Technician

Mechanical expertise and a number of specialized abilities are required for success as an elevator technician. A professional mechanic with expertise in assembling, installing, maintaining, and conducting repairs on elevators, escalators, motor walkways, and other kinds of electric lifts is known as an elevator technician. They usually work in a commercial elevator service company. To carry out the activities required of them, they need to be well knowledgeable in electrical wiring and operations, mechanics, and equipment.

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Installers and repairers of elevators require a specialized set of abilities in order to succeed. While a lot of what they do can be learned through an apprenticeship and training, knowing what skills they will need in advance might help someone decide if this is the appropriate path for them. It can be advantageous to get a head start because many apprenticeships prefer candidates who can demonstrate a working grasp of some of these abilities.

The fact that maintenance, mechanic, electrical, and power tool operations are comparable in a commercial elevator service company is why elevator technician apprenticeship opportunities frequently prefer expertise or practical knowledge in this field. Also necessary for future elevator technicians is the ability to read and comprehend plans and diagrams.

How to Host Minecraft Servers for Free

Setting up your Minecraft server is easy if you know the right steps. Because Minecraft is a Java-based game, the first step is to ensure that you have the most recent version of Java. The server files will also be required. These are available for free from the official Minecraft website. Before you can launch a Minecraft server, you must agree to a license agreement.

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To indicate your agreement, you must edit the file eula.txt. After that, you are now ready to set up your server! When you double-click “Run.bat,” your server will launch. A window with information about your server will appear. Your server will be up and running as long as you keep this window open, and gamers will be able to connect!

You could either consider sharing your server regionally or use your unique IP address to start sharing with others, though it is advised to exercise caution. It is risky to share your external IP address with individuals you do not know. To avoid problems, start your Minecraft server hosting on a separate PC from the one that hosts it. This also ensures that your free Minecraft server will not interfere with your gaming performance.

Assault Bail Bonds and Why Theyre Different

The classification of the crime determines the amount for assault bail bonds. The video expounds on the crimes and how much bail an accused pays for the crime committed. Some crimes have no bail, while others have high bail amounts.

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The more serious the crime one commits, the higher the amount of bail one can expect.
An assault is a threat to cause harm or action that results in minimal injury. Assaults can either be simple or aggravated. Bail amounts for assaults vary from none at all to $5000 depending on the severity of injuries caused or the assaulted person. However, one has to attend court faithfully to the end of their trial.

A misdemeanor is a non-violent crime whose bail amount is between $5,000 and $15,000. Simple assaults may also be classified as misdemeanors. A felony can either be a violent or a non-violent crime. When charged with a felony, bail amounts range from $10,000 to $20,000.

Bail amounts are set depending on the weight of the crime. Felonies which are more significant crimes carry higher amounts of bail than misdemeanors and simple assaults. Additionally, prison terms for felonies are longer.

Personal Loans Pros and Cons

When comparing lenders and determining whether to apply for a personal loan, one must be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of personal loans. Generally, one can use this type of loan for anything if the borrower can pay back the loan amount plus interest over a predetermined period in equal monthly payments.

Most personal loans don’t demand collateral from the borrower.

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It implies that if you default on the loan, you won’t have to worry about losing a valued asset like your home or car. However, making timely payments will raise your credit score since the payment history makes up 35% of your FICO credit score.

Personal loans are flexible and versatile, meaning you may use them to pay for anything from auto repair expenses to house improvements and event-related fees. Although borrowing amounts vary depending on the lender, personal loans typically range from $1,000 to $100,000. However, lenders can customize the loan amounts to fit the borrowing requirements of the consumers.

One main disadvantage is that the penalties and fees associated with these loans could increase the cost of borrowing. The origination fees for some personal loans range from one to six percent of the total loan amount. Lenders also report late and nonpayment to credit bureaus, leading to a low credit score if borrowers don’t make their payments on time or completely default on the loan.

How You Can Make Money from Bail Bond Services

Through sureties, a bail bond service helps people in custody make bail and secure their freedom as they await trial. It is a win-win service where the defendant gets to stay home and continue being a productive member of society before their case is heard in court. On the other hand, bail service providers, whether individuals or private companies, get to smile at the bank as they serve to benefit financially from this transaction, in one way or the other.

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A bail bond service is handy for those who have difficulties accessing their assets while in custody. It also helps people who can’t make bail when the judge sets it too high. Though there are a few exceptions where the court can’t grant bail, a guarantor offers a way out of jail for low-flight risk people, first-time offenders, and those accused of minor crimes. Their services are beneficial since everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. To minimize the possibility of absconding, judges usually give additional conditions, such as surrendering passports, when setting bail. Due to the high financial risks of bond sureties, guarantors also go to great lengths to ensure that their client honors their court dates.


Tips for Selling Used Electronics in Your Small Storefront

Believe it or not, the market for used electronics is actually quite large. Many folks are scouring the internet looking for slightly used or refurbished electronics. Whether these come from the big Chinese electronics manufacturers or from your next-door neighbor, used electronics can be a great business to get into.

If you are just starting out, selling your used electronics online is a great stepping stone.

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Utilizing platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and Mercari will help you build a client base. It will also get your name out into the market. Ask around to family and friends. If they have any old or used electronics, chances are that they’re just sitting in their drawer collecting dust. They will likely be happy to have you take these items off their hand. You can then refurbish them and sell them for a profit!

Just like with any business, when selling used electronics, it is important to know your market. When first beginning to sell these items, pay attention to what sells the quickest, what is selling for the highest price point, and what customers are leaving behind. Following these trends can help you plan your next business moves and make informed decisions.