How Simple Suction Cup Sign Holders Can Bring In Business

Door sign holder

We live in a society built on consumerism. It’s all about supply and demand, what the customer wants, and how a company can best catch the eye of the consumer. It can be a tricky thing to do, to be the most visible to potential customers and clients. Businesses need to constantly rebuild, rebrand, and rethink marketing in order to stay relevant and appealing to the masses. Sometimes it comes down to major marketing campaigns, sometimes a growing online presence is particularly helpful, and sometimes it can be as simple as the right suction cup sign holder on the door of your brick and mortar business.

The perfect suction cup sign holder

There are plenty of ways to catch the interest of consumers and get them in the door. Fancy flashing lights and rolling marquees, enormous signs or exuberant mascots, and catchy signage indicating a major sale are all methods to keep a steady stream of customers headed your way. But in all of your brainstorming, don’t forget to fall back on simple, tried and true methods as well, such as a suction cup sign holder advertising your store hours, special sales or events, or other relevant information that customers need to know.

How do you present your business?

Presenting your business and special sales or merchandise is about more than just the right window sign holder with suction cups. From glass door signs to product stand displays and the actual layout of your store and merchandise, you want every aspect of your company and product to be appealing to your customers. The right signage is important, as one study showed that merchandise selling at full price sold 18% better when represented with signage than without signage.
But it was also found that customers will make as many as 82% of their buying decisions while they are right there in the store, so the setup and presentation matters as well. And about 16% of unplanned purchases were made as a result of a well positioned sign or display that shoppers noticed while in the store for another reason.

Running a business can be a tricky thing. But when you pay careful attention to people, and how your customer base responds to different marketing methods, you can watch your company grow and succeed.
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