How Flexible Lease Options Can Help You Own Property

It’s estimated that 50% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but it seems like there’s always something important to buy.

It might be furniture, it might be payments on a house, it might be major appliances or it might be something else. But there’s always that requires your attention and your money, whether you’re talking about jewelry financing, furniture financing or HVAC financing.

When it comes to buying property, flexible lease purchase programs can be very beneficial. In this scenario, a buyer pays a seller some option money for the right to purchase property at a later date. Usually with flexible lease purchase options, the seller and the buyer agree on a purchase price as well.

If you’re talking with a seller about a lease purchase agreement, a common duration for one is between one and three years. To pay for flexible lease purchase programs, a buyer will typically go to a bank to secure financing and then pay the seller in full at the end of whatever Continue reading How Flexible Lease Options Can Help You Own Property