Easy Settlement Payout Options

Quick cash option

Have you recently received a large settlement and not sure where to start or how to get your money? Do you want your money right away and all at once instead of waiting a long period of time and then getting payments in installments? If so, you should think about getting an annuity payout and you can start by getting a quote for your annuity payments.

What is an Annuity Payment?

An annuity payment is one of your best options to access your settlement cash fast. It is one of the fastest cash advances where you get a check for your settlement amount and can cash it right away for the full amount instead of having to wait for your money or have it disbursed to you in increments. There is nothing to payback, and once you have the money, you don’t have to worry about any other paperwork or issues that could come up, like with other disbursement processes.

65% of Americans prefer the lump sum payment to other payout methods because it gives them not only the money right away, but opportunity to advance their lives in so many different ways. By getting a quote for your annuity payments you can start to see some of the possibilities that you may have. Here are just some of the things getting a lump sum payout can do for you:

  • Pay off debt immediately. This can be auto debt, student loan debt, credit card debit, or any other kind of debt.
  • Buy a house. With the housing market back in tact, investing in a home is not only a smart decision, but can also be a great opportunity for your family.
  • Splurge on a trip and go see the world. With cruise costs at an average to low rate, airline tickets becoming more affordable, and hotel deals around every corner, you can go on an amazing trip and still have money left over.
  • Investing is always an option. You may have a large sum now, but if you invest it, in a few years it could be an even larger amount.
  • You can do a combination of all of the above; pay off some debt, invest in something, and still buy a luxury item for yourself.

Getting one lump sum will give your access to do all of those things. When you get your money over a period of time it does become harder to do any of those things all at once, or sooner rather than later. To get started, and to feel out your options, get a quote for your annuity payments now and see how much that one time fast and easy payout can change your life.