The Search for Your Dream Home Could Also Turn Up Your Dream Job

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When you think about buying your dream home, you probably don’t think about a fixer upper. You probably envision rolling up to view the home and at first sight, sighing that content sigh that means your heart has found where it belongs. Whether it has the signature white picket fence, or it is in the perfect location near your job, your kids’ school, or near nothing but the shores of a lake and a forest trail, this dream home just has it all. However the reality for most people, particularly because everyone has vastly varied tastes, is that you are not going to stumble upon that absolutely perfect abode. And if you are going to put in a little work to make it yours, you may be wise to consider renovation financing.

How renovation financing can make your dream a reality

Renovation financing refers to the process of getting
a loan for your home that includes the amount that you will be spending on the work that you will be putting in to make it exactly how you want it. Renovation lending typically requires that you show proof of the cost of the redesigning, so if you go this route be sure to keep careful track of all of your billing information and receipts. Sometimes it is even helpful to keep careful track of all emails and other communication with vendors or those you employ to help you renovate the property. Keep in mind that you will be facing quite a bit of work before you are finally presented with the home that you have been dreaming of, and many times that are unforeseen snags that slow the work up a bit. Patience is definitely key throughout this process. But with that end goal in mind, the work and time that you put in become totally worth it.

Renovation financing for the purpose of flipping houses
Perhaps once you have seen the process for yourself as you tried out renovation lending on your own home, you will realize that there is a way for you to make some money in this game. You will have the experience of having gone through the steps already, and if you happen to be working with a specific client and their wishes, you will be able to relate to him or her as the future owner attempting to understand the process. Another benefit of going this route is the fact that you already have the contact information and connection with many different vendors and contractors that you can continue to build a steady work relationship with for future projects as well. Real estate investment lenders will be more likely to grant you the loan you are looking for as you start to build up a reliable and trustworthy reputation as a borrower, and eventually you will have a booming business on your hands.

Sealing the deal with investment mortgage lenders
As investment property mortgage lenders begin to see your process and history of successful borrowing and repayment, it will become easier over time to get the loans that you need in order to flip the new houses and properties that you find. And as you become more experienced in the process overall, there are going to be aspects of it that you will look back on and wonder how any part of it was ever confusing or difficult to figure out. With repetition comes familiarity, and as you grow increasingly familiar with your growing business over time, you will become more and more successful. And who knows, perhaps you will eventually reach the point where you won’t be needing a loan at all, because your house flipping skills have grown and developed to such a great extent.

What Do Customers Look For In A Successful Online Business?

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What sets your business apart from the competition? Is it the quality of your goods or the ease of your online transactions? With the global market becoming more scrutinizing by the day, it’s essential to stay on top of what customers expect to see when browsing for goods and services. When customers fear for their purchases’ safety and rely on reputation to guide their hand, it’s your responsibility to give them as much security and confidence possible when browsing your wares. Below are the top five tips for small and large businesses trying to stay afloat in a competitive economy, from customer trends to the best credit card rates for merchants.

Favor Online Purchases

E-commerce services have been booming thanks to advances in Internet based technology and an increasingly globalized marketplace. While walk-in purchases are still viable options for many, the ease and convenience of buying from online stores remains highly favorable for the majority of the populace. Sales from American e-commerce retailers neared $300 billion back in 2014, an increase of 14% from the previous year. When asked as to their most influential quality in an ideal online purchase, many customers cited affordable shipping and a wide selection of payment options.

Customers Prefer Convenience

Did you know over 50% of shoppers say online reviews will influence their buying decision? It’s been found that online comparison shopping sites attract a stunning 72 million monthly visitors and over 50% of American consumers will buy directly from their favorite brands online. Reputation is everything in the online sphere and a lack of security protocol or payment options can make or break a successful business.

Variety Of Payment Types

If you want to connect to a wide audience, you need to offer them as many options as possible. When asked their preferred payment type, over 40% of Americans chose debit cards compared to 35% of credit cards. Only 9% preferred cash, discovered in an ongoing TSYS online survey of over 1,000 customers who owned both kinds of payment. Credit cards are found in the majority of American wallets, with multiple studies totaling seven out of 10 on average. Keep this in mind when seeking out the best credit card rates for merchants through major credit card processors.

Security Should Be Top Notch

Although e-commerce purchases won’t decrease in popularity any time soon, one of the most prevailing concerns of customers are data breaches, loss of goods and general security involving their expenses. Data breaches totaled 1,500 worldwide back in 2014, up a whopping 46% from the year before, and lead to the compromise of over one billion data records. Malicious outsiders were the culprits of over half of all data breaches, with malicious insiders a significantly smaller amount. The payment processing industry has taken these concerns into account when crafting digital barriers.

Best Credit Card Rates For Merchants

If you want to attract a loyal customer base, you need to find the best credit card processing services. These can include payment gateways and security protocols, designed to give your customers easily identifiable methods of recovery should their purchase be compromised or their order lost in the mail. These services can include, but are not limited to, allowing your customers to track their order, retain receipt information and prevent malicious parties from accessing their information. A little goes a long way in these modern times and nowhere is that more clear than e-commerce for small and large businesses.
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How to Turn Your Annuity Payments into an Investment

Monthly expenses

If you were the victim of a lawsuit or the lucky winner of a large lottery payout, you are probably familiar with annuity payments and lump sum payments. You were probably given the option between the two, not quite sure which one was the best choice for you and your situation. Most payout companies will encourage monthly annuity payments, stating how you won?t run out of money that way and you will have a set source of income for many years. This is why most people choose the monthly annuity payments, but many later find out that they may have been able to do more with the lump sum payments.

The idea of a set amount of money every single month for life may be tempting, but what about the idea of being able to reduce debt, purchase a home or a car with cash or start your own business, which will produce its own income? These things may not be possible with structured monthly annuity payments, depending on the amount that you are receiving every month.

Additionally, receiving cash for an annuity may actually save you money and increase your monthly payments even further. If you are able to purchase a home with cash, you will reduce your amount of debt and you will avoid pricey interest charges. Considering that over 40% of US families spend more than they earn, you can be sure that you purchase a home that is affordable for you and your family. You can decide based on the amount of lump sum money you have, and not on the amount of monthly payments that you are receiving.

Receiving cash for an annuity is an opportunity to invest your money. It can be risky getting used to a specific monthly income for years. When the monthly payments stop, you will be struggling to find ways to get it back. You may not be able to work enough hours or make enough income to cover the loss of monthly income. If you receive cash for your structured settlement or lottery annuity, you can consider making an investment that will either permanently increase your monthly income or provide you with an investment that can be sold in the future. Additionally, owning a home or a car payment and interest free is also a great investment, opening up money should you need it in the future.

Consumers vastly underestimate or underreport how much debt they have. In fact, as of 2013, actual lender reported credit card debt was 155% greater than borrowed reported balances. People are embarrassed and weighed down by their debt. They may have alimony payments, mortgage payments or student loans. Medical debt is also a huge problem in the United States. Nearly 20% of credit reports are hurt by overdue medical bills. Receiving cash for an annuity or having the ability to invest your money for further income is a great way to pay down debt and ensure a better future for both you and your family.

Many Americans are struggling with different kinds of debt. High mortgages, medical debt, student loans and interest charges really affect Americans and can make them feel weighed down. If you are receiving monthly payments, this may not be enough to pay down debt and choose ways to increase your income. It can be risky to get used to a specific monthly income that may not be there forever. When you receive cash for an annuity, you can find ways to permanently increase your monthly income.