Is It Worth Doing Your Own Roofing?

You may be thinking to yourself that roof repairs are not that hard. All it takes is nailing down some shingles in the right spot. However, roofing is so much more difficult and dangerous.

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While it would save you money to do it yourself, it is just not worth the risk for most people. Generally, only trained professionals are advised to repair or install their own roof. The risk to life and limb is just not worth the potential cost savings. Plus, you could simply kick back and relax while the roofers do all the hard work. In this video, you will see just what they have to deal with.

When snow accumulates on a roof, it sometimes needs to be removed to access the shingles underneath or to keep the roof from collapsing in on itself. This can happen due to the weight of the snow and ice. In one clip, you can see some people attempting to clear snow from a roof. Yet, some of the snow comes free and slides down the side of the roof. It carries one of the unfortunate roofers with it. The snow and the roofer land in on the snowy ground in a heap. Thankfully, the roofer seems to be alright thanks to the cushioning that the snow provided.


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