Who Knew That You Could Save This Much by Painting?

You can save money is some of the wackiest places. It is incredible how much you can save simply by doing your own exterior painting. However, you can trust exterior painting contractors to be thorough and professional. Can you say the same about yourself? Do you have the knowhow and skills to get the job done right? Otherwise, you might end up costing yourself more money.

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In this video, you will learn the right way to paint and save money doing it.

The most costly mistake to avoid when doing exterior painting yourself is roller marks. These ugly marks can occur for a number of reasons. For one, your technique may be wrong. You actually don’t want to paint straight up and down as this can cause paint drops to fall off the roller. Instead, paint at a slight angle. Further, don’t attempt to fix missed areas on spots that have already dried. This will also cause roller marks. The third main reason for roller marks is an uneven paint roller. It is important to fully place the roller head in the paint bucket in order to get that nice even finish.


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