Three Reasons To Support Your Local Pharmacy

Pos system for pharmacy

Big retail stores are taking over these days, and when they have special departments for everything from home decor to pharmaceutical needs, the reasons to go to a smaller local pharmacy seem less convincing. So if you’re part of this trend, and you need a few reasons to convince you that your local pharmacy deserves your patronage, here are just a few reasons to get you thinking:

  • Many people choose to avoid local pharmacies because it’s common for small businesses to struggle with providing quick transactions and complicated coupon and/or customer loyalty programs. Bigger chain stores, on the other hand, tend to have the funds and the space to accommodate large retail POS systems.

    But small pharmacies are a bit different; because pharmacists have to manage controlled prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications and health supplies, they’re more concerned with investing in high-tech retail pharmacy POS systems, even if the software is a bit on the expensive side. Many small pharmacies even have pharmacy software that can rival any big chain store, and they’re able to provide all the extra perks (like loyalty programs and ultra-fast transactions) without a problem.
  • Having a better pharmacy POS system doesn’t take the place of a real-life pharmacist, but it does help the pharmacist organize and track things like sales numbers and product inventory. And when the pharmacy staff spends less time on these menial tasks, they’re able to spend more time focusing on the needs of their patients.

    Being able to discuss any medication complications and interactions with a certified pharmacist can be invaluable, even if you’re only taking over-the-counter medications. When you find a pharmacist around whom you feel comfortable, discussing sensitive health issues is much, much easier. Quite simply, no fancy self-check out lanes and no amount of useless coupons on a 5-foot-long receipt can take the place of a professional healthcare expert.
  • And finally, keep in mind that when you visit your local pharmacy, you’re supporting a business that provides jobs for your community. Most small businesses are incredibly dedicated to serving their local customers, and by keeping valuable jobs in the community, the entire area will benefit from a higher standard of living. While online shopping can be very convenient, it ends up taking money out of your community and could mean that your hard-working neighbors are left without jobs.

So now the conversation is being turned over to you — why you choose to go to a local pharmacy instead of a big chain store? Or, what’s making you hesitant to do so? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section!

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