Three Modern Payment Processing Solutions Your Small Business Could Benefit From

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For most small business owners, customer payments usually come in only three forms: they accept credit cards and debit cards, checks, and cash. In some instances, checks may not even be allowed if they cannot be examined for fraud, especially in the case of businesses that travel. Cash isn’t an option for businesses that sell their wares online. And above all, more and more customers are using their bank accounts and credit cards to pay for their goods and services, rather than going through the inconvenience of carrying cash or writing out checks.

The good news is that payment solutions are expanding as technology improves to give business owners and their customers more choices when they check out. If you think your business could use a bit of improve in the arena of customer payments — and could stand to make more by offering more flexible payment options — then here are three payment processing solutions you may want to try out:

Mobile Payment Processing

Mobile payment processing utilizes a tablet or smartphone equipped with a card tapping or swiping device attached to it. These mobile devices can be used anywhere with a WiFi, 3G, or 4G internet connection in order to take credit card payments. These devices are encrypted, secure, and 100% PCI compliant to ensure that customer data is not stolen. This option is perfect for businesses on the go and restaurants that want to allow customers to pay at their tables.

Mobile Phone Payments

Mobile phone payments are a growing segment of the payment processing industry, and they are offering more convenience than ever to customers. All they have to do is tap their mobile phones on a device that takes their payments, and they can make payments without their credit cards present. This method can even send receipts right to their phones in some cases without the need to print. This option is especially good for businesses that want to help customers make secure payments without the need to encrypt their credit card data.

Online Credit Card Payment Processing

Finally, so many businesses these days have embraced eCommerce that it’s become a multi-billion dollar industry in North America alone. Businesses that offer their products online have the ability, if they want to, to ship worldwide — so why not collect payments from all over the globe, as well? In addition to online credit card payment processing, many payment solutions companies can also help businesses accept a full list of international currencies, so they truly have global reach online.

Have more questions about your mobile or online credit card payment processing services? Be sure to contact a payment solutions provider to find out how you can provide these new options for your customers. You can also leave a comment below for more information.

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