Three Well-Kept Secrets to Successfully Selling an Annuity

Buy structured settlements

So you’ve received a structured settlement in the form of an annuity. Now what?

An increasingly popular option for people who have won structured settlements is to sell these annuity settlements in exchange for a lump sum, or the total amount of money awarded in the settlement. If you need your annuity money now, it might be your best option to sell this annuity, as early withdrawals from your annuity find can come with a 10% penalty.

But if you’ve tried to look into selling annuities, the process might seem complex, even labyrinthine in nature.

Selling your annuity settlement in exchange for a lump sum doesn’t have to be impossible — or even challenging. Here are three of the best-kept secrets to selling fixed annuities that will help you sell your annuity in no time:

Determine if your annuity is sellable

It’s important to understand that not every annuity is sellable. For example, if your annuity is a structured settlement, you may have to obtain a judge’s approval before you can sell these structured settlement payments for a lump sum, as some states have passed a Structured Settlement Protection Act to protect consumers just like you. It’s also a good idea to determine the resell value of your annuity before searching for buyers.

Don’t say yes to the first offer you receive

While it can be tempting to sell off your annuity to the first buyer you find, it’s better to wait until you’ve met with a reputable annuity buyer who will work with you every step of the way and give you the best offer possible. Understand that no matter what buyer you choose, you won’t receive the full value of your annuity — these buyers need to earn a living somehow.

Understand what form of payment works best for you

When it comes to selling an annuity, there are a variety of different purchasing plans from you to choose from. The straight purchase, partial purchase, split purchases and reverse purchases are all very different options for selling annuities. Determine which of these would work best for you before selling off your settlement.

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