If Your Business Handles Paper Cash and Coins, You Need a Currency Counting Machine

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If your business handles cash and coins and you do it by hand, you know how much work that is. Many businesses use currency sorting machines to handle paper money and coins. These machines have been in use since 1980 when they were first introduced in Great Britain. The cash and coin sorter and counter machines can be very useful for a number of reasons.

  • Using these machines prevents counterfeited money from being used at your business. If you have a lot of people coming from different parts of the globe, it can be hard to rely on staff to catch counterfeited money as it passes through. To cut down on counterfeiting, countries change up their currency all of the time. Even the most dedicated employees may have a hard time keeping up with all of the changes. Currency counter machines can detect counterfeit currency much easier and can be programmed for a number of different currencies. This will take the pressure off of your staff and cut down on your losses due to fake money getting into your system.
  • A cash and coin sorter and counter will save you time. When your employees are responsible for counting all of the paper money and coins, it takes a long time. Part of this is because it just takes longer for a human to count currency than a machine. Much of the delay is caused because people will double and triple check their work. No one wants to make a mistake so they count cash money and coins at least three times The longer process is multiplied by three and time they could spend helping your other customers is lost to this time consuming process. The cash and coin sorter and counter machine will count everything, then display the final amount on a large and easy to read LED screen. By using a machine to count the paper money and coins, your employees will no longer have to stay late and that will reduce your labor costs. This is just another benefit to using these machines.
  • Currency sorter machines are more accurate. When you have a cash and coin sorter and counter, it will be far more accurate that your staff at counting paper money and coins . When you are counting large amounts of cash and coins, it is entirely too easy to make a mistake. This is why people redo their work so many times. The machine can do it all very quickly and with a degree of accuracy that people cannot match. You get your cash and coins counted right the first time. There is no need to recount. Remember that mistakes caused by human error can end up being very costly for your business. They end up hurting your bottom line. Having a machine do your counting and sorting will increase your profit margin.
  • Your employees’ hands will stay cleaner. You have no idea where all that cash and those coins have been but you can see how dirty they make your employees hands. Coins are especially dirty. Anyone who has ever played the slots at a casino can tell you how dirty the coins get. We live in a time when infectious diseases are everywhere. From the Zika virus to a host of others, you can protect your employees from dangerous pathogens and just keep them cleaner by using a cash and coin sorter and counter. They will thank you for it later for sure.
  • Theft from employees will be reduced. No one likes to think that their employees are stealing from them but it happens all too often. This can potentially be a big cause of any loses your business suffers and anything you can do to cut down on it will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Using an electric cash counter makes it a lot harder for your staff to steal cash because they are no longer counting it. It is pretty easy to steal cash when you are counting it.

Investing in a currency counter is a good way to cut your loses from theft and counterfeiting and improve your company’s bottom line.

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