Top 7 Benefits to Using a Currency Sorter Machine

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There are countless ways in which advances in technology is improving our lives and at our places of business. In 1980, the first fully electronic cash counter machine was introduced in Great Britain. Currency counter machines can count paper money or batches of coins. These machines are really a combination of a money counter machines with a business scanner.

How Using Cash Counter Machines Can Help Your Business.

  1. It will save you time. When your employees count the money they receive, they do it an average of three times. They also do it a lot slower than money counter machines can do it. Currency counter machines can count a lot of cash in just a few seconds. When you take the longer counting time that is required when people are responsible for counting cash, then you multiply that by three, you can see just how much time is saved by using a cash counting machine.
  2. It will improve the customer service that you provide. When your staff no longer has to deal with counting and recounting the cash that you receive, your employees can spend that time providing your customers with better service. They can also help more people because they are not wasting their time counting and recounting all that cash that your business handles.
  3. Currency counting machines are much more accurate. Even when people count and then recount and repeat that, mistakes are very possible. Anything can distract a person during the counting process and then have to start it all over again, elongating the process and taking up more valuable time that they could spend doing other things. By contrast a currency counter with a business scanner can take a pile of banknotes and collection of coins and count them accurately. They have an accuracy rate of 100%. Many machines can give you a breakdown of what denominations of the bank notes and the coins have been counted. You can set the machine to give only the full amount or a breakdown of all the different denominations that were received.
  4. Currency sorting machines and business scanners can find counterfeit money. Counterfeit currency is huge problem for a lot of businesses, especially businesses that work a lot with customers and clients from different countries. Nations like to switch up their currencies fairly often to prevent counterfeiting. It can be hard to keep your employees up to date on all of the changes that are made to different currencies. The money counter can be programmed to spot bad bank notes and coins instantly. This takes a lot of pressure off your staff and can save you a lot of money. Taking counterfeit money can cost your business a lot.
  5. Cash counting machine are very easy and simple to use. Some companies worry that the technology of the currency counting machine will be too hard to use and that their staff will need a lot of specialized training. This could not be further from the truth. Today’s currency counting machines have automated start and stop systems. Once the notes and coins are inserted into the machine, it will start counting automatically and then when it is complete, the machine stops and displays the final amount. Many currency machines have large and easy to read LED displays to show the amount of money. These machines could not be easier.
  6. These machines can tell you whey they are broken. Today’s currency counter machines have software that can alert you when there is a problem with the machine or the software it used. This can make it easier to trust the machine’s accuracy.
  7. Cash counting machies are convenient. You can get a portable cash counter if you need that. This can be useful if you need to take in money at a location away from your main business address. They come with back up power sources so that they can continue to work when you experience a power failure.

Any business that handles a lot of cash, whether it is one currency or money from multiple countries, can benefit from using a currency counter with a business scanner. They save time, money and will improve your bottom line.

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