Finding a Great Condo In Fort Lauderdale

Everyone needs somewhere to live, and common housing arrangements include suburban homes, apartments, and condominiums, or condos for short. For residents of Florida and Fort Lauderdale in particular, there may be some excellent beach homes and other beach real estate out there, and many Americans are looking for vacation homes to get away from it all. Fort Lauderdale luxury homes may be found along the coast, and the Lauderdale beach area may be a popular place to live or own a vacation home for those with the interest and the budget. Fort Lauderdale luxury homes may beckon as prime beach real estate, and on a similar subject, the finest condominiums may be found in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale area. Many people live in Florida or plan to move there, and they all need someplace to live or take a vacation. Why not find some Fort Lauderdale luxury homes on the real estate and find beach side property worth the trip out there?


This tropical, sunny state is a very popular place for both vacations and moving. In fact, this state is among the most popular in the United States for vacations along with Hawaii and California, and it draws some 100 million visitors each and every single year. Many people often choose to move to that state as well, intrigued by the fair weather and the many beaches. As a result, 1,000 people move there every single day, and they all need somewhere to live, which is why Miami or Fort Lauderdale luxury homes may be in high demand. Today, this state’s population stands at 21.31 million people, and if current rates of population growth continue in the coming years, the population may be just over 22 million by the time the 2020 Census is taken. And by the year 2030, this state’s population may be closer to 26 million if those population rates continue as they are today. Those who move there may want suburban homes, condominiums, beach-side vacation homes, and more, based on whether they are visiting or living there, and what their budget or personal preferences may be. Fort Lauderdale luxury homes aren’t for everyone, but many may see the appeal and make plans to move there. What might they expect?

Florida Real Estate

As of the year 2016, for a recent example, the median price of a vacation home sold was close to $200,000, and this represents a 4.2% boost from 2015’s figure and is the highest median price since 2006. Meanwhile, in Florida, the price of a non-distressed home cashed in at $216,000, and the median sale price of a foreclosure home clocked in at $155,000. Those looking to find the right vacation home at the beach or Fort Lauderdale luxury homes may note that some 36% of vacation buyers buy property along beach areas, so there may be some competition.

A vacation home is a fine place to stay while getting away from the hustle of everyday life, but regular housing must be found by those who are moving to Florida for their permanent housing. Luxury condominiums may be found all around Miami or Fort Lauderdale, and competition may be fierce for them. Condos are a sort of apartment that involves self-contained living units where a resident may enjoy some privacy, and there will also be communal areas such as the hallways. In a sense, a condominium is a collection of individual living units within one building, and there are some legal distinctions to make between a condo and a regular apartment building. It should also be noted that there may be some rules or restrictions about what residents of a condo can or cannot do in shared spaces, so someone looking for a condo may consult with the landlord or other managers to find out the rules and expectations at a particular condo, and this can help influence the decision making process. Those looking for real estate in Florida can, like with anywhere else, also factor in the neighborhood or area, and local attractions such as good restaurants, schools, movie theaters, parks, and more may drive up the price but also make for a great place to live (those two facts are certainly connected).

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