Tips for Selling Used Electronics in Your Small Storefront

Believe it or not, the market for used electronics is actually quite large. Many folks are scouring the internet looking for slightly used or refurbished electronics. Whether these come from the big Chinese electronics manufacturers or from your next-door neighbor, used electronics can be a great business to get into.

If you are just starting out, selling your used electronics online is a great stepping stone.

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Utilizing platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and Mercari will help you build a client base. It will also get your name out into the market. Ask around to family and friends. If they have any old or used electronics, chances are that they’re just sitting in their drawer collecting dust. They will likely be happy to have you take these items off their hand. You can then refurbish them and sell them for a profit!

Just like with any business, when selling used electronics, it is important to know your market. When first beginning to sell these items, pay attention to what sells the quickest, what is selling for the highest price point, and what customers are leaving behind. Following these trends can help you plan your next business moves and make informed decisions.


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