best paying jobs in professional services

10 of the Best Paying Jobs in Professional Services

I think it’s fair to say most people want a well-paying job. Although the salary of a job may not be the primary motivation for taking that job, salary is probably still a consideration. Another important motivation for many is the opportunity to help someone else through their work efforts. Here is a list of jobs that combine a good salary with the opportunity to be of service to others.

1. Ease Minds as a Trauma Therapist

Trauma therapy is a type of mental health therapy. Trauma therapists work with people with severe emotional reactions to events of their past. The most common reasons people seek trauma therapy are abuse, domestic violence, natural disasters, or being a victim of terrorism. Veterans who have seen combat or people who have witnessed crimes often seek help from trauma therapists.

The therapist will ask the client to describe the event and discuss how it has made them feel. After the patient has relived the event, trauma therapists often use CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.) This type of therapy helps the client see their traumatic event from a different point of view. With that new point of view, trauma therapists can work with the client to develop the ability to cope with their past trauma and live their best lives.

Working as a trauma therapist requires a 4-year psychology or social work degree. After that, you’ll need a master’s degree in counseling. The average national salary for trauma therapists is over $65,000. The ability to offer help to people suffering from past trauma makes trauma therapy one of the best paying jobs in professional services.

2. Direct the Fun as an Event Planner

When people go to a great event, they seldom think about the planning and organization of making that event a good time. But more people and organizations holding big events turn to event planners. An event planner is responsible for all aspects of composing an event. After speaking to the client, the event planner will use their knowledge of local and destination event venues and food service and entertainment companies.

Event planners may work with an event planning company or be in business for themselves. In addition to finding the right place to hold the event, the event planner needs knowledge of many types of local companies that provide the desired services. Today’s clients requesting help planning events may choose unique themes or cuisines.

For people who love parties and enjoy helping others enjoy their events, being an event planner can be one of the best paying jobs in professional services. Most event planning organizations require a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management or public relations. The salary for an event planner will vary by years of experience and geographical location. The current national average is between $37,000 – $49,000.

3. Light Up the World as an Electrician

Electrical services are everywhere, and people who understand its wiring and connections are always in demand. Electricians install and troubleshoot electrical systems. They’re also responsible for electrical testing or repairs. Electricians usually work with an electrical contractor company.

Electricians begin their profession working as an apprentice. Journeymen have finished their apprenticeship and are licensed to work on their own. Master electricians have at least two years’ experience as a journeyman. Master electricians can teach apprentices and be the lead worker on an electrical team.

Anyone interested and who has the ability to perform electrical work can be trained on the job, as an apprentice. Some trade schools will train high school-aged students to be electricians. The average salary for electricians is $27.90 per hour. However, experienced electricians can earn as much as $45.00 per hour.

4. Care for Animals as a Veterinarian

Veterinarians take care of pets, but they also care for animals on farms or zoos. Veterinarians work in clinics, but some care for just one type of animal. Other veterinarians are dedicated to researching and developing products and medicines for animals. For people who love animals, being a veterinarian is one of the best-paying jobs in professional services.

In general animal clinics, veterinarians are responsible for routine examinations, and for providing education to pet owners. Veterinarians can also specialize in surgery or animal dentistry. If there is an outbreak of an animal disease in the community, a veterinarian working in public health will help find and track the course of that disease.

To become a veterinarian, it typically takes eight years. First, a person needs a bachelor’s degree in animal science, then they must complete veterinary school. During the last year in veterinary school, a student works at various veterinary offices to discover what kind of animals they want to work with. The average salary of a veterinarian is about $123,000 per year.

5. Protect and Preserve Your Client’s Vision

When someone needs help with their eyes, they turn to an eye doctor. When someone receives a routine eye exam and finds out they need eyeglasses, they typically visit an optometrist. If the patient needs eye surgery, they will see an ophthalmologist. For someone who wants to care for people’s eyes, being an eye doctor might be among the best paying jobs in professional services.

At an optometrist’s office, a person can get a complete eye exam. Since optometrists are doctors, they can diagnose eye conditions and prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses. Ophthalmologists are also doctors; they can diagnose and treat cataracts and glaucoma and perform eye surgeries.

To become an optometrist, you need a pre-med bachelor’s degree and then a four-year program to get a Doctor of Optometry degree. The average salary for an optometrist in the US is $137,000. To become an ophthalmologist, you need the same education as an optometrist, plus a year as an intern and three years as a resident. The median US salary for ophthalmologists is over $321,000. (6)

6. Keep Local Drivers on the Road

Auto mechanics are responsible for fixing problems with cars. They understand engines and other parts of vehicles and can figure out what’s wrong with cars. Many mechanics work in local auto shops, but others are self-employed.

In addition to automotive knowledge, an auto mechanic must also have communication skills and be able to explain auto maintenance to car owners. They need to be able to keep clear and detailed records of the procedures done on cars so they can better recommend services the vehicle will need to have in the future. For people who enjoy working with cars, being an auto mechanic may be one of the best paying jobs in professional services.

To become an auto mechanic, you need a high school diploma. Many mechanics receive an associate or bachelor’s degree in automotive technology. The average salary for an auto mechanic is about $27 per hour, but with experience – or if working in a specialty auto shop – they may earn up to $44 per hour.

7. Help Businesses Grow as an SEO Agent

A business needs an effective online presence to succeed in today’s business world. Most people looking for a new place to shop or to obtain services will search online for the type of business they need. When they see the search result, they will likely only click on the top three listed firms. To help businesses get their companies listed in the top search results, they often turn for help to an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Agency.

An SEO agent will look at the written content of a client’s website and revise it to include words and phrases a prospective client may be looking for. For example, if the business is a floral shop, a prospective client may look for ‘flowers for weddings’ or ‘discount flower stores.’ By including those words in the content, they have a better chance of being a top result of an online search.

For people with good computer skills and writing abilities, a job as an SEO agent can be their best paying job in professional services. The most important qualification of a successful SEO agent is attention to detail and a strong desire to work in an SEO agency. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree in computer technology may give you an edge, but many SEO agents do not require a degree. The average salary for an SEO specialist is $56,000 per year.

8. Give People a Reason to Smile as an Orthodontist

Orthodontists are dentists who specialize in working with people who have teeth that are crooked or aren’t correctly spaced. Most people associate orthodontists with braces, and prescribing braces (which dentists call “dental appliances”) is often their most frequent procedure. Orthodontists examine the mouth, jaw, and teeth in the same way as dentists do. Orthodontists also work with patients with complex dental problems as part of a dental team.

Working as an orthodontist can be one of the best paying jobs in professional services for the right person. Part of your job will be to explain dental problems to your clients or to give them recommendations for preventing future problems. As with any healthcare profession, you’ll need compassion, patience, and the ability to supervise the members of your dental team.

An orthodontist must attend a five-year dental college to receive a bachelor’s degree in dental surgery. After dental college, it’s recommended for future orthodontists to get experience as a general dentist. After you’ve become familiar with routine dentistry procedures, you would also need three additional years as an orthodontic resident to work as an orthodontist. Average orthodontist salaries are over $95,000 per year.

9. Create Beautiful Homes as a Home Builder

As the world’s population grows, new homes will always be needed. Homes are also required when a family’s older home is torn down and needs to be rebuilt. A home builder needs skills in carpentry and construction but must also know architecture, plumbing, electrical systems, and septic systems.

People who work as home builders report satisfaction when working with their hands. It can inspire a strong sense of pride to see a home emerge from a pile of wood or bricks and to be part of creating a home for a family. Working as a home builder requires you to gain knowledge of building codes. For someone who gains satisfaction in being part of this process, being a home builder can be one of the best paying jobs in professional services.

If you want to be a home builder, you can take one of several paths. Many people gain experience by working as an apprentice and obtaining a paid position with a construction team. Other people who know they want to own a construction business someday can earn a construction science degree. The average salary for home builders is around $44,000.

10. Offer Health and Healing as a Doctor

When compiling a list of the best paying jobs in professional services, it seems inevitable that it includes being a doctor. Doctors are responsible for diagnosing and prescribing treatment to people with medical problems. They need to gain knowledge of chemistry, anatomy, pharmacology, and how to interpret the results of lab tests and X-rays. A doctor will examine a patient, prescribe diagnostic tests, interpret those tests, and then prescribe medication or treatment (possibly including surgery) to alleviate their medical problems.

Family doctors and general practitioners work to care for routine medical conditions; the human body is very complex. People with chronic diseases of a specific body part need a doctor with additional knowledge. Therefore, many doctors become specialists in one body system. Examples include cardiologists (heart doctors), dermatologists (skin doctors), or neurologists (brain and nerve system).

To become a doctor, you’ll first need to complete a college degree in Pre-Med. After that, you’ll need to attend medical school for four years. To gain experience and learn how to work as a doctor, you’ll shadow an experienced doctor as an intern and then a resident. Average doctor salaries vary by specialty and range between $44,000 to $107,000.

11. Help Families Stay Warm

Becoming a plumber who specializes in heating repairs is an excellent career to take on. There’s always a need for plumbing services in this day and age and it’s always going to be a wise career choice. The great thing about becoming a professional plumber is that you don’t need to go to university and take out massive college loans. You can become an apprentice and work under the best in the business and perfect your skills. If you become the best local plumber in the area, you can start your own business and eventually expand. You can do this very easily by ensuring you’re up to date with the rules and regulations of running a plumbing business.

The average wage of a plumber in the US is around $25-$30 dollars at the start, but as you become more skilled and in demand in your area, your wage will go up. In fact, a plumber that is highly skilled is considered to be upwards of $70,000 manually. In addition, if you’re starting your own business, you can absolutely increase that wage and create generational wealth for you and your family. With the absence of a massive college loan to pay for, you’re looking at a great way to kickstart your financial stability in life.

It’s normal to want to be well-paid for working hard. But it’s also essential to love what you do. By choosing one of the above jobs and completing the qualifications, you’ll be spending your time making a difference in people’s lives while making a living.