3 of the Dumbest Things You Can Do When You Win the Lottery

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There are smart things you can do after you win the lottery, and there are dumb things you can do.

For example, if you wanted to do something smart after you won the lottery, you would either take your lottery lump sum payout, put it in an account, and let it collect interest for years. Another smart thing you could do is to accept your winnings as a lottery annuity settlement, and collect your lottery payments over the next few decades. You could use this annuity to support yourself as you pursue your passion, such as painting, or writing.

Unfortunately, though, people tend to make dumber decisions with their money. Here are just a few entertaining, but unfortunate examples.

Failing to Read the Fine Print. – Tonda Lynn, a former Waffle House waitress, was not a very nice person. She and her colleagues at the eatery said they’d split the winnings of whatever they won from the lotto tickets the patrons sometimes gave them. When Lynn one, the only thing she split was her job. Since it was only a verbal agreement, it didn’t hold up in court when her former friend sued her. However, being paranoid, she put her winnings in a corporation, and made her family 51% stakeholders. This made her eligible to pay a gift tax of $1,119,347.90 for her $10 million winnings.

Letting the Money Burn a Hole in Her Pocket. – When Suzanne Mullins won the lottery, she took her winnings as an annuity. However, the yearly payments weren’t enough to quench her shopping wants. She used her future lottery payments as collateral for a $200,000 loan, and found herself in debt. She then sold her annuity, but didn’t pay back the debt. Consequently, the loan company slapped her with a lawsuit, and won $154 million.

Doubling Down on Your Luck. – The fact that Evelyn Adams was luck was obvious. Not only did she somehow win the lottery, she won it twice, and all in the span of just two years. However, luck runs out, as she quickly found out. Wanting to ride out her lucky streak, she went to Atlantic City… and gambled her $5.4 million away. Today, she lives in a trailer park.

If you win the lottery, don’t do like these folks did. Make smart choices with your money.

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Win the Lottery? Congrats! Think Twice, However, Before Leaving Your Job

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Moving to Tahiti. Buying a Rolls Royce. Spending your summers in the south of France. These are just a few of the images that pop up when we think about winning the lottery. One thought that certainly doesn’t come up that often is the idea of staying at your job after winning. But did you know that a whopping 48% of all lotto winners continue to work? It may be hard to believe but the reality is that winning the lottery, despite its connotations, isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Lottery payments are notorious for their gradual and often frustrating allotments. That is, lottery winners usually do not get their winnings all at once. Instead, lottery organizations opt to pay winners gradually. The Mega Millions lottery, for example, shells out lottery payments over a span of 30 years: one initial lump sum and another 29 payments, each one 5% greater than the one before it. For obvious reasons, this can be very frustrating for lottery winners, who want nothing more than to collect their money in peace. Add on the fact that the government — federal, state, and local — takes up to 25% of lottery winnings, lottery winners can become more than flustered. Overall, with the flow of money rather tight (at least at first), lottery winners often have to continue to work before they can live off the fat of the land.

Because of this, many lottery winners turn to annuity settlement deals to get their cash quick. Structured settlement annuities are financial arrangements in which a lottery winner signs over his or her earnings to a company for investing. In return, the company provides their lotto winnings much quicker, either in a lump sum or in a gradual (but more favorable) payment cycle. Structured settlement annuity benefits are massive, which may account for the fact that 92% of people who sell their structured settlements are ultimately happy with their decision.

When you win the lotto, just do yourself a favor: win the lotto the right way with structured settlement annuities.