Thinking of Starting a Business? Selling a Structured Settlement Can Be a Great Way to Get That Initial Capital

Structured settlement annuity benefits

Many people constantly look for options which would bring a better life for them and their families. While starting and running a business is not for everyone, it can be a great way to turn a great idea into a profitable venture and earn your living while being your own boss. However, there is always one initial hurdle — raising the starting capital to kick things off in style. For a successful launch of a business, there needs to be a bulk amount of money available to the entrepreneur at the very outset, which can be used to set up the building blocks of a successful business.

This is indeed the hurdle which forces many great ideas to remain ideas and never become successful businesses. If you have a great business idea but are struggling to raise cash to take things off the right way, there is one interesting option you can explore — selling a structured settlement.

It might be a demoralizing scenario where you find yourself with a winning business idea but no cash to start things off. However, if you have just won a structured settlement as the outcome of a lawsuit or lottery, you might be in a better position than you think. While annuity settlements like the Mega Millions pay out a little cash every month for a number of years, you can easily consider selling a structured settlement and get settlement money now. This gets you all your money up front, saves you some money in the way of taxes and fees, and provides you with nice starting capital which you can use to get your fresh business idea off the ground.

Why Selling A Structured Settlement Makes Sense

First and foremost, you need to consider how easy selling your annuity is. There are a number of companies that buy structured settlements and provide cash up front, and all you need to do is find the right people to do business with. The whole process involves very little time, effort or red tape, and it is likely that it will be expedited to get you your money as fast as possible.

Compared with other forms of raising capital like business loans, selling a structured settlement does not put you in debt. Nor does it require you to expose yourself to the usual paraphernalia that comes with applying and qualifying for business loans. It is a clean, smooth process designed to bring your capital to your pocket in as little time as possible.

Another important reason why you might want to get settlement cash now is that you get to save on certain costs that way. Annuity payments are usually subject to income taxes, and the annual fee on an annuity can go up to 3%. These costs can be avoided if you decide to cash in on your settlement and get your money up front.

In short, if you are currently receiving monthly payments from a structured settlement and want to start your business as soon as you possibly can, choosing to sell your structured settlement can be a great way to achieve this. Due to the speed, simplicity and advantages of the process, you can have the capital you need and the peace of mind which often fosters good decision-making — a particularly crucial element when you are just about to start a business.

Here’s How Selling a Structured Settlement Can Help You Take Care of Your Most Dire Cash Needs

Access your settlement cash

Everybody has random and unexpected cash needs that pop up from time to time, and not having the financial resources to meet these needs can lead to some serious consequences. If you’re the recipient of a structured settlement, you have the right to sell your fixed payments for a huge lump sum and face these urgent cash needs head-on.

There is a wide array of things that can happen on a daily basis that will cost you money, but the most common sources of urgent cash needs are medical problems and overdue rent. Selling your settlement will allow you to avoid hassling creditors and possible repossession of your most valuable assets. Here are just three of the ways that selling your structured settlement can get you out of a financial jam:

    Medical debt. Health issues know no schedule, and you need to be prepared if anything were to ever happen. About one in four people say they now owe more in medical debt than they have in their emergency fund, and this is a common problem that can set you back years. To avoid this harrowing fate, you have the option to sell your structured settlement and eliminate debt in one fell swoop. This will give you more freedom to live your life comfortably without a giant debt looming over your head.

    Rent/mortgage payments. Everybody needs extra cash, but some people truly need extra cash when threatened with eviction or foreclosure of their home. Over 40% of U.S. families spend more than they earn, and 27% have no savings at all, which makes this a disturbingly-common issue. When you access your settlement cash now, you can acquire the funds to pay for overdue rent and mortgage payments, as well as taking care of future payments depending on the size of your lump sum.

    Fast pre-settlement advances. If your settlement is still pending litigation, you have the option to receive a pre-settlement cash advance and take care of urgent cash needs until your case is resolved. Often times, settlement recipients are forced to miss work during their trial, which can leave you in debt upon resolving your case. To avoid this, you can sell all or a portion of your future settlement to take care of these cash needs.

Selling a structured settlement is is a fast and easy solution to a complicated problem. Don’t fall victim to financial distress; talk to a settlement expert and receive a huge lump sum to take care of these unforeseen expenses.

Annuities and Structured Settlements For the Financially Clueless

Fastest cash advances

Finances are difficult to manage — just ask the 40% of American families who are spending more money than they earn. Perhaps this means that a call for better financial education is in order.
But where to start? One of the biggest financial things that people don’t understand are annuities. Sure, they may have seen them on a late-night television commercial, but does anyone actually know what an annuity is? Luckily, we have the answers for you with this short yet comprehensive guide.

OK…so what’s an annuity?
An annuity is a lump sum payment that is distributed over the course of an allotted amount of time. The amount of time that the payment period spans for varies, but the most common are between 25 years to a person’s death.

Interesting. How do annuities work?
Like any kind of insurance, annuities started with a premium after purchase. Once the premium is paid, it is contributed towards a pool of money that your annuity payouts will ultimately come from.

I think I get it. But how will it benefit me?
Annuities are an excellent investment for anyone but are ideal for individuals with limited amounts of money in their savings. As previously mentioned, annuities are distributed over a period of an allotted amount of years, usually until death. This means that you will be receiving a lump sum of cash until you die. When you have savings alone, it isn’t always guaranteed that you’ll be able to have money coming to you every year.

Okay but what if I wanted to sell my structured settlement or annuity?
Selling a structured settlement is an extremely popular thing to do. Getting cash for annuity payments happens when you sell your structured settlements, resulting in a lump sum. And when you go about selling fixed annuities, it’s profitable and a way to eliminate debt if you’re in a fix and need extra cash.

What does this have to do with my structured settlement?
When you get into car accidents or sustain an injury, structured settlements are often offered in the form of yearly payments, or annuities. But if you want cash for settlement now, in a form of a lump sum, you have to sell your annuity for a lump sum. See, they all work together.
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