Four Important Services a Certified Financial Planner Can Provide

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Certified investment advisors and financial planners are no longer exclusive to millionaires — these days, everyone can benefit from working with a financial advisor. Currently, about 25% of Americans have a financial advisor to help them optimize their money management.

If you already have a financial advisor, you probably just work with him or her on savings or working toward debt repayment. However, there are actually a vast number of different services that a certified financial planner can provide — and by taking advantage of them, your finances will be significantly better-off.

Take a look at these four examples of services that your certified financial planner can provide:

1. Tax planning: Tax season can make anyone want to pull their hair out. Luckily, your financial adviser is a great resource for you as you fill out your tax forms. Financial advisers can fill out your paperwork quickly and correctly, saving you from the risk of hefty fines if you were to fill it out on your own and make a mistake.

2. Wealth transfer: If you want your funds to be more tax-efficient, you should consider planning for wealth transfer with the help of your certified financial advisor. Wealth transfer technically happens after you pass away, but it’s never too early to have a plan set for when that happens.

3. Help with retirement saving: If you haven’t started saving up for your retirement yet, now is the right time to do it. As federal resources for retirees continue to dwindle, the need for Americans to have saved up enough to live a comfortable retirement grows significantly. And here’s a scary thought: only 37% of Americans have figured out how much money they will need for their retirement!

4. Asset protection: If you are considering filing for bankruptcy or are in overwhelming debt, it’s important to seek help from a certified financial advisor to help protect your assets from bank repossession or liquidation. Otherwise, you could find yourself without a house, a car and even more. Check out this site for more.

Four Great Places to Sell Your Gold Coins or Jewelry

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Learning how to sell gold jewelry and coins that you may own is essentially a two-step process. First, you need to learn about the process of selling gold — from calculating your gold’s value to knowing the selling process. Next, you have to choose which buyer you want to sell to by learning how to weed out buyers that are less than reputable.

Not sure where you should sell your gold? Just read the list below.

Here are the four best places that buy gold that you should sell your gold to:

1. Jewelry stores: Jewelry stores might be the best place to sell gold because their main source of profit doesn’t come from selling gold for melt purposes. Because of this, you can be confident that you’ll get a significantly higher payout for your old gold jewelry than if you sold it to any other gold buyer.

2. Antique traders: If you’re looking to sell gold coins rather than jewelry, an antique shop is your best bet. Because many gold coins have significant historical value, you can earn more selling them based on this rather than their melt value.

3. Better Business Bureau-approved gold buyers: The BBB’s website is probably the best resource you’ll have for choosing a place to sell your gold. There, people who have sold their gold can give reviews of gold buyers and complain about unreputable buyers. If you notice a buyer has a large percentage of negative reviews and complaints, sell your gold elsewhere.

4. Online gold buyers: Many people recommend that you sell your gold to an online buyer because they tend to offer more money in return for your gold. However, as said before, it’s extremely important to make sure you sell your gold to websites that have a positive rating on the BBB website, with few customer complaints. Otherwise, you run the risk of never seeing a check in return for your gold. Check out this site for more.