Dealing With Debt; The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Best debt management plan

Debt affects the majority of American households. American consumers owe an estimated $11.13 trillion in debt, and the numbers continue to rise. According to a CBS news report, American debt rises by a whopping %75 million dollars each hour. In fact, the average American household carries $117,951 in debt according to Statistic Brain. However, credit cards account for just 5.5% of total household debt. However, all debt is not created equal. It’s estimated that nearly 41% of Americans in the workforce are currently paying off medical debt. College degrees also come with a hefty price tag, as the average college graduate owes an estimated $31,509 in student loan debt. There are, however, tools and resources such as debt management services and other debt solutions than can help with debt and therefore allow you to move forward.

Dealing with debt can seem overwhelming at times, and you may be wondering where to get financial advice. Debt management services can offer you the best financial advice in addition to debt counselling to suite your specific financial needs. Debt management services specialize in finding solutions based on your unique situation, as programs vary depending on the type of debt you have. Research companies that offer flexible debt management services, and that can also offer financial planning advice, especially financial advice for college students if that applies to you. It’s important to remember that just as there was a way getting into debt, there is also a way out.

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Buying Real Estate Companies

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Buying commercial real estate includes commercial real estate companies such as warehouses, multifamily housing, medical centers, hotels, malls, industrial property, office buildings, retail stores, farm land, and garages. These types of companies can offer a profit for the buyer depending on how much they are investing when buying commercial real estate. The term commercial property, which is also called an investment or income property, refers to land or buildings that are intended to make a profit, either from rental income or capital gain. Buying commercial real estate falls under this categories. When buying commercial real estate, a few companies stands out for focusing on commercial real estate assets.

One of these companies that is a fully integrated private real estate investment company is American Real Estate Partners. They are guided by a simple philosophy: “Identify opportunity, manage risk, and create value.” American Real Estate Partners focus mainly on commercial real estate assets and real estate financial instruments that are in the major markets of the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. American Real Estate Partners act more as principal than an advisor or capital allocator.

American Real Estate Partners has made significant investment in making one of the most experienced senior management teams in the industry of buying commercial real estate. They are unique in their investment platform because of the depth of experience and talent of the management team. Due to the leasing-centric nature of what American Real Estate Partners do, leads to outsized growth in the net operating income of assets. Unfortunately, an estimated $160 billion of commercial properties in the United States are in default, bankruptcy, or foreclosure, according to Real Capital Analytics, a New York real estate research firm.