3 Common Reasons for Selling Your Annuity

Sell my structured settlement for cash

Every case is different, but there is a good chance that you need cash now if you are looking into selling your annuity. The motivation for making this decision can vary from person to person, but there’s never a shortage of reasons for people to need settlement cash now more than they may need it in the future.

If you’re considering selling your annuity, you probably have a good reason to do so. Here are three common reasons that people take advantage of this opportunity, and the benefits of receiving huge lump sums of your well-deserved money:

    You lost your job. The recession has affected everybody, and thousands of people have lost their job as a result of the struggling economy. If you find yourself unemployed, selling your annuity is your best chance to get back on your feet and survive the drought.

    Your mortgage payments have gone up. Your income tax rate can be as high as 35%, and property taxes certainly don’t help your bank account. If your mortgage as gone up, selling an annuity settlement can help you take care of a large portion of these new expenses and get some peace of mind for the immediate future.

    You need a vacation. Sometimes you don’t lose your job or experience an increase in required monthly payments. Sometimes you just need a break from it all. Whether you want to help finance a lengthy destination vacation or just relax at home until you figure things out, selling your annuity is the best way to finance it.

Talk to a professional and figure out how to make your annuity work for you, instead of the other way around. It’s your money and your future, and you should decide what happens to it.

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