Benefits Of Coin Sorter Counters

Currency money machine

How does your business tally up cash sales? Do employees count money by hand? If so, perhaps you haven?t considered the advantages of using a currency sorting machine or coin sorter counter. A currency counter is simply a machine that counts money for you, allowing businesses to maintain perfect accuracy and save valuable time.

Counting money by hand gets tedious, and the chance of human error is high. Cash counters don?t make mistakes.

Saving Time
Counting notes and coins by hand takes longer than a machine, and due to the high probability of error, usually has to be recounted two to three times to ensure accuracy. A good coin sorter counter can count an average of 200 coins every minute, and paper currency goes even faster.

A currency counter can be used as a machine to detect counterfeit money. Although fighting currency fraud has been an issue for over one hundred years, contemporary money counter machines use technology like infrared spectrum analysis, metallic alloy detection, and other methods to detect counterfeits.

It?s been said that a dollar is dirtier than a toilet; studies show that multiple viruses and bacteria live on paper money and coins, and can live from 2 to 15 days. As money changes hands, those germs get passed around too. Using a coin sorter counter or other money counting machine can prevent the spread of sickness amongst employees.

Once convinced that a currency counter is beneficial, there are a few comparative aspects to consider before purchasing one.

Hopper Size
Coin sorter counters come in different sizes; the size of the hopper determines how many coins it can process at one time. Obviously, smaller businesses with lower cash volume will be able to use a smaller machine.

Counting Speed
Coin sorter counters work at different speeds. When researching, compare the coins per minute; the average machine can handle about 200 coins per minute, although some are faster.

Coin Wrapping
Look for a machine that wraps the coins after sorting and counting them. It is a frustrating and time-consuming task to have to do by hand, and new mistakes can occur.

Value Counting And Recording
Some coin sorter counters and currency counting machines simply sort the money into denominations and count the bills or coins within each category. A better machine will do the math for you, displaying the value of the processed money, and recording the total. Some even provide a printed copy for easier record keeping and cash management accounting.

Coin sorter counters are inexpensive and offer many benefits that will quickly become essential to your business.

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