Here are 3 Things You Can Purchase Via Lease to Own Programs

About 50% of American households are believed to be living paycheck to paycheck, which can make paying for high-end items difficult. Fortunately, many companies offer lease to own programs that allow customers to buy relatively expensive items by paying for them in fixed installments over a period of time until the balance is paid in full. These programs, which are also known as lease purchase programs, can be very beneficial to those who might not be able to otherwise afford these items. This article will take a look at several items that you can purchase via lease to own programs.

  • Furniture Financing: One item that can be purchased via lease to own programs is furniture. After a house and a car, furniture is the third most expensive item a person will buy during their lifetime. Many furniture stores will offer rent to own furniture deals that allow consumers to pay for furniture sets in installments. The benefit of rent to own furniture is that it allows customers to get the perfect furniture pieces for their homes that they might not be able to otherwise afford.
  • Laptop Financing: Another item that can be purchased via lease to own programs are laptops via laptop financing. Even basic laptops can cost several hundred dollars, which can put them out of the reach of many people. Laptop financing programs allow customers to pay for the laptop they want or need in a series of installments. This is especially useful for students who need a laptop computer when they head off to college. The financing program not only puts laptops in reach of those who need them, it can also improve a student’s credit because their records will show they paid off a high-end item.
  • Jewelry Financing: And finally, a third item that can be purchased via lease to own programs is jewelry, which can be purchased via jewelry financing programs. Practically any piece of jewelry can be purchased in this way, but one type that might be more common than most is engagement rings. As these can be prohibitively expensive, jewelry financing programs make it possible for consumers to pay for the perfect engagement ring without having to hand over the entire balance at once.

In conclusion, there are several items that can be purchased via lease to own programs. These things include items like furniture, laptops, and jewelry, all of which can be purchased via financing programs. Items like rent to own furniture make it possible for those who live paycheck to paycheck to afford high end items.

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