How to Host Minecraft Servers for Free

Setting up your Minecraft server is easy if you know the right steps. Because Minecraft is a Java-based game, the first step is to ensure that you have the most recent version of Java. The server files will also be required. These are available for free from the official Minecraft website. Before you can launch a Minecraft server, you must agree to a license agreement.

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To indicate your agreement, you must edit the file eula.txt. After that, you are now ready to set up your server! When you double-click “Run.bat,” your server will launch. A window with information about your server will appear. Your server will be up and running as long as you keep this window open, and gamers will be able to connect!

You could either consider sharing your server regionally or use your unique IP address to start sharing with others, though it is advised to exercise caution. It is risky to share your external IP address with individuals you do not know. To avoid problems, start your Minecraft server hosting on a separate PC from the one that hosts it. This also ensures that your free Minecraft server will not interfere with your gaming performance.