An Efficient Currency Sorter Machine Saves Time, Prevents Errors

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What do you think your customers use their jar of loose change for? Once they cash in their coins, are they using that amount as their limit when they find a slot machine in Ontario? Are they letting their children use it for spending money on their summer visit to Canada’s Wonderland?

Whether your banking clients are using their cashed in coins to entertain themselves or their children, or whether they are socking those coins away into savings, as a financial institute you are only thinking about two things when that large bag of coins comes to your teller window: speed and accuracy. The most current and accurate currency sorter machine can give your retail cash management location both speed and accuracy.

If you are a business other than a financial institution, it is just as important that you have a fast, efficient and safe way to process currency. An electronic coin sorter and counter, as well as a fraud-fighter counterfeit machine, purchased from a reliable company can ease the process and improve security by providing well trained support personnel. Making your currency sorter machine purchases from a company that also provides account managers, project managers, highly-trained field service representatives, repair technicians, and logistics experts ensure you always have the support you need when it comes to your cheque, cash and coin processing.

Fully electronic counters, machines that are able to count batches of notes or of coins without having to process them individually, were first introduced in Great Britain in the early 1980s. Fast forward 30 years and cash counting machines now allow a business to maintain 100% assured accuracy for cash transactions. Since the earliest use of a currency sorter machine, the goal has always been efficiency and accuracy. Another major reason that businesses and companies use money counters, obviously, is the amount of time it saves them. Without a bill and coin sorter and counting device, counting notes by hand is time consuming and is usually completed two or three times to make sure the numbers are correct to compensate for any human error.

Whether you are a small business owner in a northern remote part of Canada, or are a small banking institution in Winnipeg, it is important for you to be able to process both coin and paper currency quickly and accurately. Making the decision to purchase a counterfeit bill detector machine and commercial coin counting machines from a company that also provides fast and quality service is key to your success. Your time is important, so yo need technicians with quick local response time that can be tailored to your needs and work within your schedule to get your equipment up and running quickly and accurately.

3 of the Dumbest Things You Can Do When You Win the Lottery

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There are smart things you can do after you win the lottery, and there are dumb things you can do.

For example, if you wanted to do something smart after you won the lottery, you would either take your lottery lump sum payout, put it in an account, and let it collect interest for years. Another smart thing you could do is to accept your winnings as a lottery annuity settlement, and collect your lottery payments over the next few decades. You could use this annuity to support yourself as you pursue your passion, such as painting, or writing.

Unfortunately, though, people tend to make dumber decisions with their money. Here are just a few entertaining, but unfortunate examples.

Failing to Read the Fine Print. – Tonda Lynn, a former Waffle House waitress, was not a very nice person. She and her colleagues at the eatery said they’d split the winnings of whatever they won from the lotto tickets the patrons sometimes gave them. When Lynn one, the only thing she split was her job. Since it was only a verbal agreement, it didn’t hold up in court when her former friend sued her. However, being paranoid, she put her winnings in a corporation, and made her family 51% stakeholders. This made her eligible to pay a gift tax of $1,119,347.90 for her $10 million winnings.

Letting the Money Burn a Hole in Her Pocket. – When Suzanne Mullins won the lottery, she took her winnings as an annuity. However, the yearly payments weren’t enough to quench her shopping wants. She used her future lottery payments as collateral for a $200,000 loan, and found herself in debt. She then sold her annuity, but didn’t pay back the debt. Consequently, the loan company slapped her with a lawsuit, and won $154 million.

Doubling Down on Your Luck. – The fact that Evelyn Adams was luck was obvious. Not only did she somehow win the lottery, she won it twice, and all in the span of just two years. However, luck runs out, as she quickly found out. Wanting to ride out her lucky streak, she went to Atlantic City… and gambled her $5.4 million away. Today, she lives in a trailer park.

If you win the lottery, don’t do like these folks did. Make smart choices with your money.

If you have any questions, feel free to share in the comments.

Outsource Your Company’s HR Activities With a Professional Employer Organization


Many” Title=”Find more information regarding Choosing a peo in canada”>mall companies rely on Professional Employer Organization (PEO) as a liaison between the company’s employees and management. PEOs are identified as a co-employer, and can solve internal issues in a company such as human resource functions, payroll management, filing taxes, and providing employees with benefits. Businesses of all kinds can benefit from PEO services, but many business owners don’t know what kind of advantages they can get from hiring a PEO for their business.

PEOs are known as co-employers, which means that they share the employer responsibilities of a company. When a business enters into a PEO contract, the employees of the company become employers of the PEO. Once the PEO has enough contracts, they pool the small businesses together in order to get better prices on benefits such as health insurance, unemployment, and workers compensation.

PEOs provide your employees with access to premium, Fortune 500 benefit packages. PEO companies will also take on HR responsibilities and payroll activities, saving your company time to focus on business. This includes conducting interviews, preparing employee policy, and the creation of an employee handbook.

Professional Employer Organizations offer complete HR business management services, along with other complicated services that many business owners have difficulty handling on their own. Despite the obvious benefits, there are a few Professional Employer Organization disadvantages. Some organizations choose to opt out of a PEO in order to remain control of their benefit plans, and other risks. Hiring a PEO can also blur the line of employer responsibilities when a mistake is made. When choosing whether or not to outsource your HR responsibilities, you must makes sure you do extensive research before choosing the right option for the needs of your company.

3 Reasons for Defendants to Choose Structured Settlement Annuity

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A Structured Settlement Annuity (SSA) is a tax-free, annual payment of money usually resulting from a lawsuit or insurance claim. Every settlement is different and structured to accommodate the specific needs of the individuals involved in said case. While people usually view these in the context of the plaintiff (those receiving payments), there are structured settlement annuity benefits to the defendants as well. Here are three reasons it could very well be in the best interest of both parties to come to an annuity settlement.

    1.) Success Rate: Perhaps un-success rate would be more accurate. The plaintiff is victorious in the majority of cases that go to trial (over 90%). For that reason most people on the defense side elect to try and settle outside of court (80-92% of cases by some estimates). Obviously you will be losing in the sense that you’ll have to pay something, but the total amount will often times be much less than if you leave it up to a judge/jury to award damages. Even if the plaintiff wants a lump sum most will be open to the idea because there are plenty of businesses that they can get cash for settlements almost immediately.

    2.) Reduce Cost: Lawsuits can be expensive. On average, employees that win a case against an employer will receive $150,000. Besides the outright cost of the payout though there are court fees, lawyer costs, and other expenses associated with going to trial. In the end it is usually a more cost-effective option to cut your losses from the jump and negotiate a fair Structured Settlement Annuity.

    3.) Insurance: Perhaps the most important reason to consider an SSA is the insurance implications. Depending on the situation and your provider they will sometimes cover the annuity payments for you. Obviously this will have an affect on your rates and premiums, but it will save you from having to come up with the finances on your own, or having to borrow from a bank at high interest rates.

Overall a Structured Settlement Annuity
can be beneficial to all parties involved. It should be one of the first options you look for if you’re caught on the wrong end of something like a personal injury lawsuit because of the above mentioned reasons, as well as others left out.

Are Structured Settlements Working Out For You? Here’s Another Way To Get Things Going

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Life is a series of ups and downs, so when things start plummeting, it’s your responsibility to take action and make a change. Don’t hesitate, waiting around for things to get better; do what you have to do to make things better.
Some might say this kind of direct ambition is easier to claim than it is to apply, but that doesn’t have to be the case with you. Seek professional guidance by setting up a consultation with a financial expert and see what kind of options you have to get money now…

For example, let’s say you’re down and out because you suffered an accident. Even if you file a lawsuit, while you wait for the judge’s decision, you’ll have plenty of expenses to tend to. Markedly, even if you manage to win the lawsuit, your everyday cost of living won’t just go away.

At this point, what are you going to do?

Even if you win the lawsuit, it’s more than likely that you’ll be paid with a structured settlement. By and large, one good thing about a structured settlement is that it can save you 25 to 35% in federal and state taxes; usually, interest income is subject to tax, but that’s based on your tax bracket. Nonetheless, a structured settlement won’t allow you full access to your designated funds.

For those who don’t know, a structured settlement is when you are rewarded money, which is the settlement, but the money is distributed in arbitrary, structured increments, depending on what the judge decides. Accordingly, about 80 to 92% of cases settle outright; however, for those processed by trial, over 90% are won by the person who pursued the suit.

Understandably, with a structured settlement, it can be frustrating to have funds that are legally yours, but they’re also legally inaccessible. However, what if there was a loophole to access these funds?

Luckily for you, there is! You can consult with a finance company and discuss getting cash for structured settlement funds. The obvious plus of you getting cash for structured settlement funds is that your money will be immediately available. Naturally, once you have access to your funds, then you can pay off whatever life expenses are pending.

If you’re looking into getting cash for structured settlement funds, there are services ready to help you sell your structured settlements to help you get settlement cash now, you just have to find them!

After you receive the cash for your structured settlement, financial freedom will be yours…

Why wait?

3 Common Reasons for Selling Your Annuity

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Every case is different, but there is a good chance that you need cash now if you are looking into selling your annuity. The motivation for making this decision can vary from person to person, but there’s never a shortage of reasons for people to need settlement cash now more than they may need it in the future.

If you’re considering selling your annuity, you probably have a good reason to do so. Here are three common reasons that people take advantage of this opportunity, and the benefits of receiving huge lump sums of your well-deserved money:

    You lost your job. The recession has affected everybody, and thousands of people have lost their job as a result of the struggling economy. If you find yourself unemployed, selling your annuity is your best chance to get back on your feet and survive the drought.

    Your mortgage payments have gone up. Your income tax rate can be as high as 35%, and property taxes certainly don’t help your bank account. If your mortgage as gone up, selling an annuity settlement can help you take care of a large portion of these new expenses and get some peace of mind for the immediate future.

    You need a vacation. Sometimes you don’t lose your job or experience an increase in required monthly payments. Sometimes you just need a break from it all. Whether you want to help finance a lengthy destination vacation or just relax at home until you figure things out, selling your annuity is the best way to finance it.

Talk to a professional and figure out how to make your annuity work for you, instead of the other way around. It’s your money and your future, and you should decide what happens to it.

Should You be Investing?

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An Untapped Resource

Many adults have an ingrained distrust of the stock market. These fears may be largely unfounded and based only on short term investments. If investors are willing to stay with stocks and not sell for a long period of time, such as 15 years, have generally been rewarded with significant positive returns. In addition, historically stocks have performed at an annual return rate of 10%, high above the inflation rate of 3.2 percent. Despite this long term gain, only half of adults say that they or their spouse own any stocks at all, either through funds or individually managed. The group generally accepted as the middle class, with incomes between $30,000 and $75,000, have only 55% of their members investing in the market. Society’s natural inclination to look only at the negative, such as the great depression or the recent recession, may be preventing a full half of us from getting the full value out of our money. We don’t have to learn how to invest ourselves and go it on our own. There are many companies that can help you become accustomed to investing your money.

How Do I Get Started?

The average person is probably not confident in their knowledge of the stock market and other financial matters, and this could explain the reluctance to invest. In these situations, shareholder services can be extremely valuable. Also known as the investor relations industry, shareholder communications services are companies that can invest your money for you. You still get the advantages of being in the stock market, such as dividends and long term financial gain, while keeping your time and saving yourself much worry and frustration. Depending on what type of investor relations firm you are doing business with, they may charge a monthly or annual fee for the service. This rate can vary greatly, so it pays to shop around through the different issuer services. After all, it is your money. Choose to work with shareholder services that you trust.

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